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delta uv ultraviolet solutions by

fish and koi Ponds

Wide variety of bodies of water are classified as ponds,
including water gardens, water features and koi ponds;
all designed for aesthetic ornamentation as landscape
or architectural features, while fish ponds are designed for
commercial fish breeding.

Why a UV system in a pond?
Ponds intent to reproduce the result from a wide range of
natural processes. Though, when thinking about water treatment in
the pond, green alternatives and natural solution are showing up first.
Among them, the UV water treatment is one of the more
appropriate because it eradicates at each flow through the unit all
the harmfull bacterias, or waterborne pathogens without adding anything
in the water.
Delta UV propose three different UV systems for your pond, depending
on what you want to achieve, the design of your system
(flow rate, retrofit space, etc.)

 - EA 3/4H series:
The dimensions of the series allow to retrofit in very small room.
The series exist in stainless steel and in pvc for sea salt water.

 - EP series
The design of the EP series
(Mirror-Polished High Quality Stainless Steel) allows high flow rate
for a pure water sanitation.

 - ELP series in HDPE
The series is designed for flow rate up to 400 gpm and the the
HDPE stand for sea salt and corrosive water.