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  • Are Pond Systems Sized Differently From Other Applications?
    Yes. Due to the nature of ponds (depth, area, fish population count, available daily sunlight, etc), Koi pond applications require different sizing of the UV unit than other applications. The flow rates are the same for all applications, but as a rule of thumb, larger units will be installed on Koi ponds than would be installed on the same capacity of swimming pool or water feature. Each Installation and Owner Manual has a Pond sizing section to assist with proper sizing. Your Koi Pond Dealer is also a good source for assistance in ensuring the proper unit sizing for your pond.
  • Which Delta UV Series Is Best For Koi Pond Applications?
    While all Delta UV series are applicable for Koi Pond installations, the Elektra ProT EP series has become the "Cadillac" of the Koi industry over the past four years. The EP Series is 100% stainless steel construction and carries the longest Limited Warranty (5 years) of all Delta UV units. Originally designed specifically for Koi pond application, the EP units feature a low pressure switch that is compatible with bead filter installations, and a generous 2 inch (63 mm) inlet/outlet unions that provide ease of installation and removal for maintenance of the quartz tube (periodic cleaning). If your installation is a salt water installation, then we recommend the all polymeric (plastic) E Series as the harsh environment of a salt water installation is better served when no metal is present to cause corrosion of the vessel. When your pond has the EP series installed, you have selected the best UV unit for the Koi pond enthusiast .
  • Do Koi Pond Installations Require Any Special UV System Maintenance?
    Due to the increased nitrogen in the pond water caused by the fish population, the quartz tube is more susceptible to film build-up than in other installations. Thus, it is recommended that to obtain optimal operation of the UV System, that the quartz tube inside the UV vessel be cleaned every four months instead of the recommended bi-annual cleaning recommended for other installations. Also, like all Delta UV Systems, the UV Lamp must be changed each year as the bulb life of 9000 hours is reached over that time period. Both lamp changing and quartz tube cleaning instructions are clearly described in the Owner Manual for each unit, which can be viewed in the documents section of this website. These two maintenance items require very little time to complete and do not require any special tools or equipment to accomplish.
  • Which Series Should Be Used On Water Features?
    The decision on which Series to use depends upon the physical space available for the unit, and the flow rate of the water through the UV unit. If Salt Water is used in the water feature, then the E Series is recommended as it is 100% PVC construction and is not subject to metallic corrosion as no metal is used. Beyond that, the installer should simply confirm the pump flow rate, then check the sizing charts on this website.
  • Can The EA Series Be Submersed In The Water?
    Yes, however the plug-in power supply on the end of the power cord must be installed in a dry place. The ability to submerse the UV unit itself in the water opens a lot of installation options for the variations found in water features. Here again, the maximum allowable flow rate of each model must be observed in order to achieve proper sanitation.
  • What Is The Maximum PSI (Bar) Operating Pressure Allowed?
    All Delta UV Systems are rated at 40 PSI ( 3 Bar) operation range. All Systems have a very minimum head loss through the unit, usually less than 1 PSI (.34 Bar)
  • What Considerations Should Be Made For Salt Water Installation?
    If the installation is very near a salt water body (ocean etc), the salt spray and the normal salt water environment found will be tough on the stainless steel exterior of all units, except the E series, even though the water being sanitized is fresh water.
  • Can The UV System Be Operated Continuously?
    Yes, all Delta UV systems are designed to allow for continuous use. The High Output UV lamp in all Delta UV Series systems are rated at 13,000 hours (one year) of continuous use. It is important to change the bulb after 13,000 hours, as the output of the bulb is no longer capable of providing proper bacteria kill after 13,000 hours as it has reached its useful end-of-life (EOL).
  • Can The UV System Be Installed Below The Water Level Of The Water Feature?
    Yes. All systems except the EA Series have a built-in pressure sensor to shut the system down if the pump stops (as in time clock operation of the circulation pump). When installing a unit below waterline, some adjustment of the pressure switch may be required. Consult the applicable Series Owner Manual in the documents section of the website for information on installation below waterline. Once the pressure sensor issue is addressed, all Series units will function below waterline the same as they would if installed above waterline.